“What is the purpose of life?” Asked my professor during one of my college lectures.

“Buy a luxury car”
“Own a 4bhk”
“Become an engineer”
“Travel the world” etc. were the common and the ridiculed answers.
At the end “To live life happily” from him made us all ponder what he meant. At a tender age of 21, most of us did not understand this. The wise ones however met him after the lecture and discussed over this. In college, I wasn’t “wise” because I believed in living life KING SIZE.

My schooling was in a typical Indian school where everything revolved around books, marks and homework. College for me opened my life to freedom and a lot of masti. I never bothered about anything. In my final year, I took up a job in an MNC and started my corporate journey. From the pocket money of few thousands to a salary of 5 digits every month, life was at the peak of fun. Frankly, I was LIVING MY LIFE. Is this what my professor meant? I always wondered. But did not really bother to scratch my head. Afterall, in this age of technology and social media, I was a “cool dude” and all that mattered to me were FB likes, Twitter RT’s and crazy road-trips. With a costly bike my dad gifted me as I got the job, my weekends usually went in exploring unknown places with my friends.

Three years ago, we visited Lonavala. The bike ride from Pune to Lonavala was more fun than Bangalore-Coorg, Delhi-Ladakh and Ahmedabad-Diu. My roomie, Akshay, had joined us for the first time. He always restricted himself to the room because he believed in studies and studies. He was preparing for the MBA entrances during the job and only weekends gave him the time for that. The night before the trip, we had forced him to join us. He resisted several times but ultimately agreed when we promised him to return by lunch.

He sat behind me. During our journey, I made him understand what wheelie, high chair and frog are. Though he was initially a bit afraid during these stunts, he started enjoying them after a while. This motivated me to do them more and in the excitement, I did not realize I was riding at 120 kmph. I don’t know when my bike skid in this and we hit the ground. Our friends were following us at a slower pace and hence could control their rides. Akshay, however, passed away when a truck ran over him.

That night, my heart did not pardon me and I ended up crying forever. The genius Akshay did not deserve to die this way. Rather, no one deserves such a death. My friends pacified me “Your luck was bad” but I knew I will not be able to forgive myself forever.

Akshay had 2 younger sisters and old parents at home. A bank loan of Rs. 3 lakhs was also outstanding. If I was rich enough, I would have helped them out but all I had were few thousands in my bank account and one bike gifted by my dad.

Yesterday, I met Shreya, Akshay’s younger sister. She joined our company after her Engineering. It was a very pleasant sight to see the smile on her face. With a heavy heart and a lot of efforts, I went to her. My heart was pounding to know what happened to their family and my mind was forcing me to apologize. “Hello bhaiya” she greeted me and we had a long discussion over a coffee. After what she told me, my respect for Akshay grew more and understood what my college professor meant.

Even after Akshay’s death, his family never had to suffer for finances. He had bought a term life insurance plan of Rs. 1 crore in the first month of the job. On his death, his family got this amount which helped them in a big way.

What is term life insurance plan?
It is a life insurance policy that pays an amount called sum assured (death benefit) to the beneficiary if the policyholder dies during the policy term. It has no maturity benefit.
So, Akshay had bought it of Rs. 1 crore Sum Assured.

But I do not have Rs. 1 crore!
You do not need to pay so much to the life insurance companies. You can get a coverage of Rs. 1 crore or whatever Sum Assured you choose at a very nominal price. If bought at an early stage of life, it costs lesser than 20 minutes of phone call, a day.

But what if I don’t die? All the money is lost!
Our ultimate purpose of life is to live, right? So it is good if we live 🙂 And by paying a very nominal amount, we get the insurance to secure the lives of our loved ones, financially. I know that the emotional loss can never be paid, but our family getting the much required money at the time of need will help them live a decent life in case of any unfortunate event.

So, where do I buy it from?
I too had this question and I asked a lot of my friends, family and professors. I even did endless searches on the internet. I wanted a budget insurance from the best life insurance company. Ultimately, I bought the Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ plan.

Why Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ plan?
1) I could buy it by few clicks on my laptop – yes it can be bought online.
2) Edelweiss Tokio is one of the most reputed brands amongst the Life Insurance Companies of India.
3) It gives me coverage upto the age of 80 years.
4) It is quite a cheap life insurance as compared to the life insurance quotes I got from their competitors.
5) I get tax benefits for the premium I pay.
6) It allows me to break up the sum assured into lump sum payments and monthly payments in any way desired.
7) Akshay had bought from Edelweiss Tokio and his family was given amazing service and speedy claims.

June 27, 2015

What is the purpose of LIFE?

“What is the purpose of life?” Asked my professor during one of my college lectures. “Buy a luxury car” “Own a 4bhk” “Become an engineer” “Travel […]