Most of us would agree that there will be teachers who would have truly affected our lives — both in and out of the classroom. We would remember those teachers who would have really pushed us to achieve something big in life. These type of teachers are tough to find but when you get them, you would remember them for lifetime. I have been fortunate enough to have met several such teachers in my life.

Dr. C. P. S. Prakash is one of them. And when I got to know yesterday that he is now taking the charge as the Principal of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore – I had a mix of emotions – excitement, happiness and thrill – which made me to write this blog. During my college days, Sir was the Head of Department of the Mechanical Engineering and though being from a different course, I was fortunate enough to have met him a lot of times. Seeing him itself gives one a sense of positivity that one would be in awe of forever. While I got my admission at Symbiosis in 2012, sir was one of the first to congratulate me and went on to share with me his college admission anecdotes, which I still remember and cherish. The dynamic leadership skills of Dr. C. P. S. Prakash sir would take Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore to newer heights and as an alumni, I would be very happy to see it happening. All the best sir for this new role.

While this news made a buzz in the college campus, alumni circles and social media – I had a discussion with few of the elite faculty members and notable alumni of the college. I mention few of those responses here.

Dr. Vasantha Kumar S. A. is one more teacher who inspires me. He is a noted Professor of our Nation and is with DSCE from a long time. He was happy by this announcement and says:

One of the senior most distinguished Professor of DSCE is now the Principal of DSCE. My hearty Congratulations to Dr. C. P. S. Prakash!

I also got in touch with few noted alumni of the college and was happy to see the energy in them by this news.

Ms. Sarita, an alumni, who is a leading Professional Emcee of India ( is usually tough to catch. But when I approached her for this, she was more than happy to give her time and share her response. She says:

Dr. C. P. S. Prakash Sir is a very gentle and humble person. As a visionary, he ensures his plans benefit the student community. I am happy that he will now lead DSCE from the front and am sure that his work as a Principal will set an example to be remembered for long! All the best Sir.

Mr. Tridib Das, alumni of Mechanical Engineering 2008-12 batch and presently a Master’s Degree student at IIT Guwahati was also very happy by this news. Tridib is also an excellent artist and you should surely visit TDiotic Art ASAP. He says:

I am really happy to learn that our dear sir Dr. C.P.S. Prakash has assumed the office of the Principal of DSCE. It’s really a proud moment for all the students of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering who had the privilege of being his student including me. His unparalleled way of thinking and constant devotion to his profession is noteworthy. All I can say is that DSCE would bloom more with him as the new Principal. My best wishes to sir.

One more notable alumni, and probably the biggest fan of Dr. C. P. S. Prakash sir (atleast in terms of his response to this blog :D) is Mr. Ramnath Kini. He has been a Mechanical Engineering student and is presently a successful Entrepreneur. His company Design Ink is making waves in the country. Ramnath says:

Dr. CPS Prakash is the most encouraging and benevolent person that I have personally come across in my life. I have never found it so easy, as a student, to approach a Man of such high caliber; with such ease and his ever ready priority to meet the students, no matter how busy he is, is just a small example of the kind of person he is. He always listens to our point of views and opinions and correctly ensures that we as students, never fall astray. Being committed to his department work as the HOD, never stopped him from ever missing taking a class. He would politely sideline all his work during the class hour (that he would take) and always believed that Teaching is the most important task, the rest of the work could always wait. This attitude and approach of his, makes all of us students to adore and respect this God like figure for us. Being given the post of the Principal of our college is another achievement for him, amongst the many others.. and we strongly believe that He will definitely change the mindset of the students for the better and make DSCE one of the best institutions to study in, for sure.


So that is it. I cannot wait to return back to college and meet sir at the Principal’s chamber. All the best sir!

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