India is seeing a revolution today. The entrepreneurial revolution. And as far as I know, the revolution is at the peak right now. Never before did India see so many young folks quitting everything else to pursue their dream. Today, there are business in fields and areas which people did not consider even a possibility a few years ago. Yes, India is changing. And that too very fast. Parents do not force their kids anymore to stick to a corporate job for a ‘settled’ life. There is a lot of optimism everywhere. And why should it not be? The success stories are innumerable which end up boosting the morale of the budding entrepreneurs.

But is that all? Are past success stories and the morale boost up enough to succeed? NO! There is a lot more than that. Critical aspects in areas like fund raising, personal branding, attracting talent, building partnerships etc. matter today to any start-up or a budding entrepreneur. And also, what matters is networking. The more number of right people one knows, the faster one grows.

Buffet lunches are common, but what if all these above mentioned things are available at one place? I know it is hard to believe. But, true it is! “TiEcon Delhi 2015” is the event to be if you are a young start-up, a budding entrepreneur or may be having a spark to ‘let me do that’. Spread across two days, 16th and 17th October 2015 at the Taj Palace Delhi, the event promises much more than what I just mentioned.

TiEcon Delhi 2015 is bringing an unprecedented opportunity to find and connect with a variety of investors with an opportunity to make them see the promise in your venture.  Here is what TiEcon Delhi 2015 has packed to bring your plans and your dreams closer to reality.

The Den: Investor Lounge – Sheesh Mahal Hall – Dedicated setups where entrepreneurs find opportunity to have one-on-one chats with Investors. You can find your 5 mins with all / any investors you may like to connect with. Through the day, both days.

Meet the League of Incredible Investors – Shah Jahan Hall – Plenary session opening the Day 2 with a range of high profile investors. Learn of their investment philisophy, plans and successes.  This is your chance to dig out their minds and know their secret drivers, their affinities and nots.

Workshops – These will be covering critical aspects in functional areas delivering practical and tangible insights for entrepreneurs which are what is required to succeed rather than just another success story.

There is much more than this. Check out their website. Moreover, the event gives an ideal opportunity to connect with people, grow your network and build relationships in the fastest, most efficient manner! Did I tell you that Ritesh Agarwal and Charu Sharma are amongst the list of reputed speakers?

So. Booked your slots? They are limited by the way, and fast filling.

Mr. Anand Bhate
Mr. Anand Bhate
Mr. Anand Bhate is the Director of 'Jeevan Anand Builders', a Gujarat based real estate development company. He is an active investor in the Indian Stock Markets. Moreover, writing is his passion and in 2016, he co-authored a fiction novel "C + Plus Doctor Thepla", which went on to create a World Record! He has pursued his MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru.


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