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December 9, 2015
FANTASTICO weekend with TATA Zica
December 13, 2015

When I “Lost & Found” myself

A lot of my friends from the film industry say that they could not accommodate it all in their feature film and how they wish they could extend the duration of their film by a few more minutes. I ended up agreeing to them, because I too could not think otherwise. I had no valid reason to counter them. However, owing to my experience at the screening of the short films of “Lost & Found” yesterday, I can put forth logical explanations to the fact that time is not a binding criteria to express the emotions through cinema.


“Lost & Found” is an initiative with an objective of making short films. Their aim of making short films is to make this world a better place. The screening event took place on 10th December 2015 from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M. at a prominent café of Ahmedabad. Inspite of being just in time, I could not find a seat for myself anytime soon, thanks to the healthy turn out of film enthusiasts from the city and the entire team of “Lost & Found”. However, the team was hospitable enough and helped me finding a seat for myself, and then began the screening. The event was hosted and moderated by Rihaan Patel, the Founder of “Lost and Found”. Rihaan is a well-known name in this industry and people have loved and enjoyed his work ever since. Dust of Orphan (2009), The Burial of Daughters (2009), Life Colors Purity (2011), My Best Friend (2011), Champal (2011), Fading Yellow (2011) and many more are all his contributions to the world of cinema.

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I have seen a lot of short films on various online platforms. What made Rihaan’s short films different is Team Lost & Found’s approach, narration, their art of storytelling and the delivery of message. Without a shadow of doubt, their short films cast an impact on its audience. And yesterday, the team witnessed a round of applause after every short film that was screened. And mind you – this was not the paid audience of rallies or the professional colleagues; this was a genuine audience and the responses were heartfelt.


After the screening of their short films from the recent past, “Lost & Found” premiered their short film “Majestic Ring”. I had watched its trailer couple of days ago and was eager to watch it on the big screen! The short film kept me amazed throughout. This short film portrays the journey of the protagonist discovering the art of looking beyond what is superficial. They have released it on YouTube today; I share it below, and I’d say – it is a must watch!



I was curious to know Rihaan’s take on “Lost & Found” and this is what he said “By sharing inspirational stories through short films, I want to show people how to transform from negativity to positivity. Lost and Found are basically two moments of life. The ‘Lost’ moment is about sadness, dissatisfaction and self-denial. We basically feel negative in this moment. And ‘Found’ moment is when we feel fulfilled, satisfied and happy. So to move from ‘Lost’ moment to ‘Found’ moment, we need transformation. And we believe social media is a great way to share the stories through short films, which end up transforming people’s lives. In this journey of mine, I have got unconditional support from Priyal Patel, Tushar Sadhu, Datt Trivedi, Vijal Gupta, Nishar Mansuri, Siddh Shah, Neha Upadhyay, Shivani Bhagat, Urja Kalaria, Navin Nick, Yamini Mudgil, Jaydeep Joshi, Yash Agrawal, Bhavesh Panchal, Dilip Purohit, Nilesh Patel, Varun Pandya and many more.”


Before I wrap up and you go read some other blog, watch this video too by them. Am sure you will go hug your parents and other family members after watching it! The protagonist is played by Tushar Sadhu and his depth of craft is enviable. For a young man that Tushar is, I wonder, where do those emotions come from (I am hoping to catch up with him someday to understand his techniques and processes. Afterall, he is a star in the making!)




Mr. Anand Bhate
Mr. Anand Bhate
Mr. Anand Bhate is the Director of 'Jeevan Anand Builders', a Gujarat based real estate development company. He is an active investor in the Indian Stock Markets. Moreover, writing is his passion and in 2016, he co-authored a fiction novel "C + Plus Doctor Thepla", which went on to create a World Record! He has pursued his MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru.


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    Both are fab!! Subscribed 🙂 Thank you for the share.

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    Tushar looks so hot 😉 the films are well made. And a nice blog. Haha too many goods in one comment.

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    Grammatical errors in the short films, but appreciate their concept and perfection!

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