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Schooling is the foundation for a child’s life. A school has the capability to mould a child into a capable good human. Though all of us understand this, it is quite a challenge to find the right school for the kid, especially if one is not a native of the residing city. Moreover, in today’s fast paced lives, parents do not have the required time to do research and find the required institute for their child. Recently, a cousin of mine finished her 10th grade and we were to find (rather hunt) a school for her 11th-12th, when I came across this application and found it wise to tell you all about it.


The Know Your School mobile app is a one stop solution for all your school related information. It provides a list of all the educational institutions in a particular city, and is coupled with unique data points to make the right choices for their children and family. It lists the institutions and gives extensive information in terms of faculty, facilities, merits, demerits, address, photographs etc. Also, it can be accessed as a mobile website and desktop website.


Management team:

  1. Girish Ramamurthy – Founder and CEO

An Engineer with MBA and over 20 yrs of Business and IT professional experience in USA with various technologies in IT & Big Data analytics . His vision is to create platforms for the future and change the world for better tomorrow.


  1. Manvinder Singh – Founder and CFO

An alumnus of IIT Kanpur (BTech, Chem Engg) , MS(NUS), MBA (Melbourne Business School) has over 18 years experience in India and overseas. Manvinder is an engineer turned Investment banker and returned to India after 18 years in Singapore. After returning to India he is teaching , travelling and looking for disruptive startups on mobility platform.


  1. Harish Gowda – Director and Strategy

Thought leader and passionate educator . Brings to the table over 18 years experience in education institutions, experience in the field of Institution administration and issues parents and students face. Hands on go getter who is positive motivator for entire team.

I’ve been fortunate to have interacted with Harish Sir several times in my college days.


  1. Nitin Jain – Director and COO

Nitin Jain is among the first-wave of Indian entrepreneurs who ventured out and dared to dream big. An MBA from Thames Valley University (London).Worked for clients like AT&T, Time Warner Cable and Harvard University. Skill sets include 15 years experience in Digital marketing , IT operations, User Interface Optimization, and Corporate Communication


For android users, the download link is


I strongly recommend all the parents to download and use the app, so that the mammoth of a task becomes much easier.

Mr. Anand Bhate
Mr. Anand Bhate
Mr. Anand Bhate is the Director of 'Jeevan Anand Builders', a Gujarat based real estate development company. He is an active investor in the Indian Stock Markets. Moreover, writing is his passion and in 2016, he co-authored a fiction novel "C + Plus Doctor Thepla", which went on to create a World Record! He has pursued his MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru.


  1. Jeet Shah says:

    Doing it right away!

  2. Srinivas Murthy says:

    Are they funded by VC’s or is it from own pockets?

  3. Mukti Patel says:

    No iPhone version????

  4. Bhakti Desai says:

    Will they be interested to sponsor an inter-school tournament? Will get good exposure. Share their numbers.

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