A job paying a seven digit salary, frequent pay-hikes and affording all possible luxury – this is what a lot of college goers think of during the placement season. Why not? Most of us are brought up since childhood to study hard so that we get the best of the jobs and live a well settled life.

My life was no different.

After my MBA, I took up a corporate job. Life changed from a minimum pocket money during college days to cool salary cheques in the job. With a regular flow of income which was far more than my basic needs, my expenses started to go steep high! Parties, online shopping and visits to fine-dine restaurants became a routine. In few months, I bought a compact hatchback. Though my office was just a few minutes by walk, I found this as a ‘must-have’! The loan and EMI’s helped me buy it.

After two successful years at work, I was promoted. The feeling was amazing and I did it all to celebrate – social media updates, expensive gifts for parents, party with friends etc. After my promotion, I was handling the Digital Marketing team, having 12 people under me. On my joining, I decided to treat them all. Bonding with team members was my objective, apart from my ‘let us party’ nature.

In the party, we had invited Vishal Sir, the AVP of our company. He was a passout of my MBA college, being twelve years senior to me. Since we were from the same institute, we were in good terms since my joining day. He drove in to the party venue in an expensive sedan car while few bystanders, in an awe, clicked pictures of his car. Vishal Sir was well known in our company for being a good investor and when he recently bought a luxurious flat near the beach side, he has created a buzz amongst the employees.

After a late night party, all of us went to a 24 hours cafe on the highway. I could not resist myself and confronted Vishal Sir to tell us all of his ‘investment magic’.

Since that day, my eyes have opened up to something heard but ignored – ULIP plan. Vishal Sir, since his first ever salary, had been investing a significant amount of his salary in a ULIP plan. In his corporate career spread across all these years, his ULIP investment gave quite a higher return than his actual salary! This was great to know. When I calculated the amount I spent on unrequired items which could have otherwise been invested in a ULIP plan, the amount was so high that I decided not to repent on the past and start a disciplined financial investment.


What was this ULIP plan?
Vishal Sir had been investing in a series of ULIP plans in the past. Off late, he had shed off all his other ULIP investments and put money in Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Ultima. It is a new age ULIP plan that gives protection, aids in wealth accumulation and does wealth enhancement.


Why should one invest in this ULIP plan?
There is a unique combination of the following three:

  1. Systematic Monthly Plan– One can invest a certain amount every month. This will aid us to invest in the stock markets at different intervals of time, and hence any extreme move in the market will be negated. Vishal Sir had been investing since his first month of the job.
  2. Systematic Transfer Plan– One can transfer from one asset class to the other.
  3. Systematic Withdrawal Plan– One can withdraw a certain percentage of the fund value every year after a certain time duration. This can become a pension at a later stage in life.

And ofcourse, this is tax free!


Why Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Ultima?
1) Edelweiss Tokio is one of the most reputed brands amongst the Life Insurance Companies of India.
2) The returns of Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Ultima are far better than the competition.
3) I get tax benefits for the premium I pay.
4) The cost in Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Ultima is lesser than most other leading investment avenues.

5) Self Managed option is also available.
6) Vishal Sir had bought from Edelweiss Tokio Life and had experienced best customer service.


Not spending on parties or gifts is not the message, but investing in the right financial instrument for getting good returns on your hard earned money is my objective via this blog.

May 10, 2017

What made me to buy a ULIP policy?

A job paying a seven digit salary, frequent pay-hikes and affording all possible luxury – this is what a lot of college goers think of during […]