This is the 2nd blog of my #31Days31Blogs project.

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On a fine sunny day about a year ago, when my family decided to go out of station for a week, I was left home alone. However exciting it may appear, it was not quite rosy for me when it came to the food. In the initial days, I had a gala time eating at restaurants and ordering in the pizzas. But that thrill died after three days. I was already missing the home made food and in one of those moments, I found Foodella.  This mobile app is basically to order a tiffin/packed meal at your location. Since then, I have ordered more than 50 times and being home-alone is no more a worry.


Their plans

  1. Lite – Rs. 79/meal
  2. Regular – Rs. 99/meal
  3. Premium – Rs. 119/meal

This is their pricing on a retail basis, and if you do the monthly package, you pay lesser per meal. I haven’t tried the monthly package and hence cannot comment on the working of it.


The meal is delivered in a partitioned box made of plastic. The thickness is good, hence a plate is not required. Reminds me of the experience of ordering the Domino’s. Check out the pictures below of the packaging.


Foodella (3) Foodella (1)


I have majorly ordered the Lite meal, and you can check the same below:


Foodella (2)


Recently, I tried the regular meal and here is how it looks:


Foodella (4)


Also, while you are ordering, they give add-on options of extra rotis’, buttermilk and sweet.



Delivery punctuality 5 Never seen a late delivery. This is fabulous.
Freshness 5
Taste 4
Packing 5
Quantity 3 The sabjis’ are quite less than expected.
Pricing 5 Economically priced.
Overall 4.5 Out of 5


Areas they should improve upon

  1. More quantity of sabjis’ should be there.
  2. In the regular meal that I once ordered, the rice given was of insufficient quantity.
  3. They have a PayTM payment option which doesn’t work. It is always a challenge to get the exact change from the delivery executive while paying by cash.
  4. When you compare their app interface with Faaso’s, Foodpanda or Zomato, they are miles behind. A bit of aesthetic touch is definitely required.



YES! No hassles of dealing with anyone on the phone and no delivery worries. And awesome food.

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This is the 2nd blog of my #31Days31Blogs project. About – On a fine sunny day about a year ago, when my family decided to go […]
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