With the deep penetration of internet and advent of innovative Mobile Apps, today’s India has internet as a vital pillar of life. Things are not just restricted to Roti, Kapda & Makaan because smartphone with internet is becoming a household thing. I am no different. Like every morning, I woke up today with the buzz of WhatsApp and Twitter. Being in the BFSI industry, today is my new year and like an obedient employee, I woke up early. After all, if you wake up late on April 1, you will have a sleepless March 31 is what they say!

Today morning was different. I had 276 messages on WhatsApp and 14 mentions on Twitter. So before I could turn on the 7.30am news bulletin, there was already something big going on in the country! I woke up immediately rather than the daily lazing-and-waking-up! People had gone frenzy today. India’s biggest startup, Ola Cabs (www.olacabs.com), had introduced the Ola Air, a door-to-door helicopter service for just Rs.499 an hour! With a young demographic dividend with their higher disposable income, Indians today do not mind buying luxury at a little extra price. Ola Cabs has already captured the mindspace of young Indians and whatever they talk of is resonated. Ola Air, with no traditional TV or Print ads, had created a buzz and my friends were busy updating apps, tweeting, FBing & forwarding the Ola Air Video on WhatsApp.

Most of us would agree that travelling in a taxi was perceived a costly affair until the advent of Ola Cabs. We spent most of our lives commuting in Auto Rickshaws and fought with the auto drivers for longer routes taken, faster meters and rash driving. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Ola solved a problem that affected us all. Before Ola, the traffic saw jams with a lot of auto’s. Now, we see a flood of Ola Cabs in those traffic jams. If you happen to travel from Silk Board to Whitefield at 8am, you understand what I mean!

Team Ola knows that people have a time crunch today rather than the money crunch. “I do not have money” is sweetly replaced by “I do not have TIME!” Today morning, in just few minutes, people posted photos on social media with a view from the Ola Air Chopper. I remember friends quoting “Reached office in Ola Air. Hope it doesn’t become a daily habit”. Such thousands of photos, posts from highly followed bloggers, tweeters etc. just added to it going viral. The retweets on Ola’s twitter handle was like the cherry on a delicious vanilla cake.

I know that today is the 1st of April and it was their marketing gimmick. Ola Cabs would have surely seen a high word-of-mouth, upsurge in bookings, more downloads and all those accomplishments which they wanted from this mind-boggling strategy. But the mind doesn’t understand this – it doesn’t get convinced to this being a fooling prank. And like me, the innumerable posts across the social media intend to convey only one thing – we WANT to travel this way! Not in 2040 or 2070, but NOW! Ola Air is the first step towards the future of travel. Team Ola has created a vacuum in the hearts of millions – a vacuum of an unfulfilled desire. A desire to fly to the office and saying “Boss! All the helipads were occupied today. I had to land seven buildings away” and the boss replies “That’s why I say, use Ola!”


Note : This article was first published at http://anandbhate.blogspot.in/ and is now moved here.

May 17, 2015

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With the deep penetration of internet and advent of innovative Mobile Apps, today’s India has internet as a vital pillar of life. Things are not just […]
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