This is the 19th blog of my #31Days31Blogs project.


I am a fanatic when it comes to sports. And off late, I am addicted to IPL (like most of you). However, work and other commitments do not let me watch all the matches on the television, and more importantly, not with my friends. Following the matches by the scores and that too alone is not as exciting as the live stream. But well, since sometime, this vacuum has been filled by the SportOn app. I was fascinated when I learnt about this app, which they say is a ‘full-featured sports messaging application for a new generation of sports fans’. When I tried it, I enjoyed it  because it was more than just news and scores. It gave me the experience to share the match scores, the match excitement and the entire feel with my friends and family, via the app. SportOn allows us to share these experiences with anyone in our circle, in real-time, no matter where they are around the world. With an in-built messenger, it cuts off our hassle to switch between multiple apps to communicate our excitement over a score, or a frustration over a penalty. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s the world’s first full-featured sports messaging application.



How to use?

Install the app:

Android –

Apple –

Post that, it will sync all our contacts and let us build a “Crowd”. This draws a parallel to the crowd in the stadium or the friend circle at our home. This crowd is basically our group with whom we can discuss the moments of a match in real time. That’s it – it is very easy to use. No need to shuffle between the news apps and WhatsApp groups now.



Not just cricket!

They have covered most leagues from a variety of sports and will keep you up-to-date with real-time scores, commentaries, detailed stats etc.


Also, they have features of personalizing your profile to enhance the app experience and an ‘Arena’ option where one can see all the sport matches of our choice on one screen. So when the IPL and EPL clash, we know what to do!


This brilliant start-up is founded by Jaydeep Talatia and Jeet Dattani and I convey my best wishes to them. I’m sure that SportOn will be the buzzword in the time to come.

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