So today I’m going to tell you all about this Scotch origin whisky – 100 Pipers! Trust me, this is going to be one interesting read! Let us start this with a short story. According to a Scottish legend, when you sip a good scotch, you can hear a piper play.  If the scotch is mellow, you might hear two. If it’s very smooth then three might play for you. If the scotch is light, then four or five play too! Now six or seven pipers send shivers down your spine. They say of Bonnie Charles the Prince, he heard as high as nine.  One day a master blender was blending in the Glen. To see if he could find a way to boost it up to ten. He tried every trick he knew. A prayer or two, and then: He tested it, tasted it, and tested it again. But when he heard the Pipers, but he wasn’t hearing ten. He heard a hundred pipers. He heard a hundred pipers. He heard a hundred pipers a-playing in his glen.

So you get it, right? 🙂

I decided to dig into the history and beginnings of this loved and popular scotch product. It took them almost a generation to get this idea into a bottle. Then again, it was a pretty ambitious idea. Every great scotch is built around a very few rare whiskies, with perhaps 20 others in supporting roles. But they wanted to get in these key whiskies (the beating hearts of some of the world’s best scotches) and combine them in one exceptional scotch! So they began their journey after the war, and it has taken until now to get everything they wanted for 100 Pipers.

  • Rich Islay whiskies.
  • Smooth whiskies from Falkirk and Campbeltown.
  • Mellow Keith whisky,
  • and the fragile whisky of Speyside.

They built a library of 50 whiskies and then tried them in 517 different blends. The last blend used 30 of these and became 100 Pipers. So if you’ve ever wondered what the best of Scotland would be like, all in one bottle, you should definitely pick up the 100 Pipers!


Now, let us analyze more about it. Well, the Seagram’s 100 Pipers is woody and fruity, with a touch of peat oak fragrance in medium intensity creating an aromatic sweetness.


  • A full and fruity nose with delicate honey and vanilla notes.


  • Heavy, sweet, complex and rounded.


  • Full bodied, mellow and sweet, combined with well-balanced notes of fruitiness and soft smokiness.
November 2, 2016

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So today I’m going to tell you all about this Scotch origin whisky – 100 Pipers! Trust me, this is going to be one interesting read! […]
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