I have a challenging lifestyle, for I travel most of the times and home-cooked food is nothing less than a luxury! Moreover, fast food is what I fall for in my travel! Off late, I’ve got addicted to potato chips and this is the toughest addiction to quit(for me)! Especially when I am on road trips, because munching them keeps me awake in the otherwise boring journey! Family and friends have been trying hard to get me off this habit because these chips have high sodium content which is harmful to our body. Addiction is tough to let go and family pressures are to be accepted, so ultimately I asked my dietician friends and ‘Google’ for help, and what I discovered was terrific! I came across this product which has relieved my family and not forced me to get rid of the addiction of potato chips- TERRA CHIPS! I tell you all more about it in the blog.

TERRA CHIPS in India come in four types:
• Exotic Vegetable
• Sweet Potato
• Plantain
• Sweets Medley
They are made from real vegetables and have the right kind of exotic ingredients which make it natural and delicious.

TERRA CHIPS are the brainchild of two New York chefs with the sort of entrepreneurial spirit that keeps one’s ingenuity and imagination cooking. Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki each left their jobs at four-star Manhattan restaurants to begin a modest catering business that soon grew to cater some of the most elite parties in the Big Apple. They have been in the business since 20 years now, serving healthier option to people.

Besides their lovely taste, I also liked their minimum usage of salt and oil. Our hands don’t feel greasy after touching the chips which is a sure sign that very little oil was used in frying. As I wrote earlier, their chips are made from real vegetables which makes them way more nutritious as compared to other brands. Also, they are made without any gluten and are made from non-GMO plant sources only. This basically means that none of the plants used to source the veggies. I was happy to read on the packet of TERRA CHIPS that they support Seed Savers Exchange, a not for profit organization that encourages the cultivation of heirloom plant varieties to conserve the genetic diversity of our food crops.

TERRA CHIPS is available in stores of select metro’s and on Amazon and Bigbasket online.

Enough said! TERRA CHIPS isn’t something what you should read of! You should take a bite of these delectable new chips and I am sure that this is an adventure that your tongue will love!

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I have a challenging lifestyle, for I travel most of the times and home-cooked food is nothing less than a luxury! Moreover, fast food is what […]
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