When was the last time you gave someone a lift in your car, which could easily accommodate four more people, but you chose to drive it alone? Well, I know that it is risky, considering all the aspects of safety and precautions, but did you even consider car-pooling as an option? I know you can afford that expensive car and so can many of us today, but is it not our duty to take care of mother nature, like it is your supposed right to drive the car? Ouch, tough topic to think about, right?

I am right now in Goa and celebrating my birthday in what others believe to be the ‘most happening’ way. I woke up today with a lot of birthday messages and before replying to them all, I scrolled down to read the updates from my friends, who were trolling the decision of the Delhi Government of “Odd-Even Number Plate Car Policy!” Such updates ended up saddening me and here I present my take on the public outrage.

Friends, Delhi is most polluted city in the WORLD! For all the fact-freaks, you would be surprised to know that according to the World Health Organization, the air in Delhi is twice as much toxic than that of Beijing which indicates that the citizens of Delhi are breathing venom! We all have read about air pollution as a subject during school days and mugged it up for our exams, and as usual, forgot about it after the results. If we can just rewind our life and go back to those days for a while or go and Google search it, we would get to know that air pollution is certainly a big deal. It can lead to premature death by numerous ways – heart disease, lung disease, irregular heartbeat etc.

I am not an advocate or fan of Mr. Kejriwal, but I am definitely a fan of anything that is for the good of all of us. The disposable incomes of today’s generation are way higher than ever before and car is now an apparent basic necessity, not a luxury. There seems to be no recession in the sales of cars and as time goes, we will see this increasing. At the end of a busy working day, we would get stuck in the long queues of traffic and tweet or post of the traffic jams and the lousy government. Most of us do it now too! But hey right now, when our tweets and posts are being read, and an action is being taken, why are we resorting to more tweets and posts against it? Just because we do not want to leave our comfortable lifestyle and resorting to car-pooling or using the public transport!? Okay I understand that the metro or public bus is tough option, but did you miss out on what I started this blog with? Just car-pool! I am sure we have friends and relatives going through a similar route as ours. Even if we do not have, we can now ask people in offices and neighborhood and tag along with them!

Folks, the Government is not here to harass us. They want us to live a life without traffic, pollution and diseases. The main issue they are intending to tackle is not just traffic mess, but also the pollution levels! And I certainly appreciate this brave step of the Delhi Police and the unconventional support of the Government of Delhi! All of us have to realize the fact that we need to make changes in our routine and approach. Our present approach of not giving a damn about the environment is a dangerous one indeed! The damage that all of us have done to the environment, intentionally or otherwise, has reached to a level where it is irreversible.

For once, let us show a genuine support to this proposed policy. If it can work in Sao Paulo and Beijing, why not in ‘Saddi Dilli’?

Okay enough, it is my birthday, party time!

December 6, 2015

Breathe first, drive later!

When was the last time you gave someone a lift in your car, which could easily accommodate four more people, but you chose to drive it […]