In today’s India, internet has become a part of our lifestyle! From the morning Whatsapp message to every random update on Facebook, a lot of us are glued to our phones all the time. This trend is also seen in our shopping habits. From our grocery to our maid, we have an app for every need! Moreover, we ensure that we spend atleast few hours before making any shopping decision, for we do a best comparison of pricing and reviews before finalization. I was recently discussing about all this with a very close friend of mine and thought to share a vital part of it with you all.


When I asked my friend whether he bought his Life Insurance online, he swiftly ridiculed my question and enforced his take on it “My uncle is an insurance agent and you too should buy from him!” After few interrogating questions, I came to know that neither did my friend buy the right insurance policy, nor did he have the adequate sum assured in his purchased life insurance policy.


This was very disappointing! I do not doubt or want to have any say on his uncle, but what disappoints me is the perspective of most of the people around me to the resistance of buying life insurance online! When we can purchase every product online, and that too after long hours of research, why this carelessness for Life Insurance? When Life Insurance is one of our most vital needs! Same friend of mine spends 4 hours before buying a mobile and several weeks before buying a car on an online research, but does not spend even few minutes on the Life Insurance product he buys!


Later, I told my friend about my recent online research which was about buying Life Insurance online. I went through websites of several Life Insurance companies, but the ease of buying online with HDFC Life stood out. I told him about this, and later showed him the website to prove my point of how easy it is to buy it online with HDFC Life. Both of us were impressed by the online insurance calculator and the insurance premium calculator. The excitement with which my friend browsed through the wide range of plans and used the assisted buying features, I could sense that he is impressed by the Click to Insure initiative of HDFC Life. Yes, #YehBhiOnline hai!


I would suggest you all to go through it as well, and not buy Life Insurance the papa-style!

October 25, 2016

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In today’s India, internet has become a part of our lifestyle! From the morning Whatsapp message to every random update on Facebook, a lot of us […]
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